Domain Sales

.ie Domain Name Sales are growing year on year. Since the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) changed their rules in 2017, around buying and selling .ie domains, the market has exploded with investors and businesses finally being able to make offers and secure their ideal company or project domain name!

NEW: We now provide a spread payment option across 2 - 12 months at 0% interest so now you can afford your dream domain and use it from the 1st payment!

Here are some recent domain sales:  € 10,212.00 € 10,000.00 € 9,000.00 € 8,085.00 € 7,380.00 € 3,650.00 € 3,500.00  € 3,240.00 € 2,950.00  € 1,845.00

Most offers received (5+ offers): - 12 offers - 10 offers - 8 offers - 7 offers - 6 offers - 5 offers - 5 offers - 5 offers - 5 offers

If you are a Buyer:

Feel free to buy or make an offer on one of our premium domain names or reach out to us so we can advise you of your options with domains listed on our platform.

If you are interested in a .ie domain name which is already registered, there is a chance that it might still be for sale! You can now use our brokerage service where we reach out to the domain owner and negotiate on your behalf. If we are successful in securing the domain name for you, we simply charge a 15% brokerage fee (exc. VAT).

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